Whether you are residing in the remote regions of southern New Mexico or the vast plains of Texas, when you live in an isolated area, having an ability to survive without the help of others is a must. In fact, many people who build their homes in the Texas/New Mexico area are true survivalists, constantly striving for improved ways of living independently of the grid.

Here at Endless Energy, we believe that the installation of residential solar panels in Western Texas and Southeastern New Mexico is an ideal solution for those who wish to move away from a dependence upon the grid. Our solar panels for homes can be designed to provide an option for alternative energy, which can be utilized no matter what happens to the nearby grid. Check out some of the following tips about implementing solar panels into your home’s off-grid lifestyle, as well as other key needs for living independently.

The Importance Of Solar Power

First, when you are seeking an off-grid lifestyle, having a reliable source of power is a must. Solar power is one of the key components to the success of independent living. By installing solar panels and creating an entire solar system for your home, you can move away from a dependence on the local energy systems.

Whether you are preparing for worst-case scenarios or you simply want to live peacefully, away from the rest of the world, investing in solar power is a must. Solar energy harnesses the natural power of the sun to allow you to power everything you need to keep your home comfortable and safe. The first place to begin when designing an off-grid lifestyle is with solar energy.

Pair Solar Power With An Energy Reserve

Solar panels alone aren’t going to be enough if you truly hope to achieve full off-grid status. You will need to pair your solar panels with the right energy reserves. A battery bank will work to store extra power, which can be utilized as needed.

A properly sized system is also a must. This is where working with a solar panel specialist can ensure that you are picking the right fit for your needs. The larger the home, the bigger system you will need to make an off-grid life possible.

Collect Rainwater

Whether you have a well on your property or plan to dig one, it is still a good idea to build a rainwater collection system for your off-grid home. Water is one of the most important resources to have and ensuring you have an ongoing supply of clean water is a must. While wells are excellent sources of water, in some locations they are extremely expensive to dig or at risk of drying out over time.

Not only that, but wells can become easily contaminated. Conversely, rainwater is a clean source that can be collected on an ongoing basis and stored. A good rainwater collection system will purify water and store it so that it can be used on demand.

Contact Our Team

If you are hoping to design an off-grid lifestyle, we invite you to reach out to our team to learn more about residential solar panels. We provide an array of home solar energy systems and we can work with you to design the ideal solar solution for your needs.