As the Top Rated Local® solar company serving southeastern New Mexico and western Texas, we regularly get asked the question, “How does solar energy work?” While most people have a basic understanding of how solar panels absorb free energy emitted by the sun and convert it into usable energy, not many are aware of the actual process behind this form of renewable energy. Continue reading to learn more, or contact Endless Energy today if you are interested in having commercial or residential solar panels installed in the Roswell, Hobbs, Carlsbad, or El Paso areas!

About Photovoltaic Cells

All solar energy systems are made up of photovoltaic cells (“PV cells” for short), from standard solar panels and solar farms to solar roofs, solar shingles, and other solar products. These PV cells contain tiny semiconductor diodes that absorb visible sunlight and store it as direct current (DC) energy. DC energy only flows in one direction, as opposed to alternating current (AC) energy, which constantly changes directions with far fewer energy losses (which is why it’s used by major utility companies and power plants).

In order for this stored DC energy to power the fixtures and appliances in your home or business, the PV cells must first convert it into AC energy. In an automatic process, referred to as the photovoltaic effect, the semiconductors on your solar panels collect the sunlight and form an electric field, whereby the DC energy is converted into usable, AC energy. Then, that energy is fed through the electrical components of your home or business to power the wall outlets (and what’s plugged in), air conditioning unit, refrigerator, electric stove range, light fixtures, and all the other appliances that rely on energy to function.

Storing Solar Power In The Grid

In sunny states like Texas and New Mexico, it is common for solar energy systems to produce more renewable energy than is needed for the home, business, or facility it serves. This is where the solar grid comes in — any extra solar energy produced by your solar panels will be automatically stored in a shared solar grid, which others draw from when they need more energy. This means that if your commercial or residential solar panels don’t produce enough energy (say, on a cloudy day), they will automatically extract free energy that you and your neighbors have contributed extra energy to.

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We hope that this blog post has given you a better understanding of how solar power works, and that you will consider switching to alternative energy for your home or business. Contact Endless Energy today for a custom solar quote in southeastern New Mexico or western Texas!